How you can help

In the world of a seven year old, dollars and budgeting and planning just sort of happen. The real world is, of course, quite different. As we’ve just seen, something like this involves a long list of expenses that aren’t usually thought of as “medical” expenses – expenses that are far beyond the resources of a young man with a building, repair, and maintenance business with three full time employees, and his wife busy home-schooling their three children in addition to her duties as wife and mother. They work hard to uphold traditional family values.

Their medical plan is a Christian cost sharing program in which they must pay the first $10,000 of medical expenses each year starting in June. All those non-medical expenses are in addition, and they add up quickly.

Our family and our church family help as they are able. Perhaps you would like to be a part of Lydia’s story.

Everyone can help by praying – pray for healing, pray for Lydia’s comfort, pray for patience and wisdom, and pray for Lydia’s family. The Lydia Updates link is where we’ll post any specific prayer requests, as well as a place you can follow her progress.

If you are able, and would like to help with the financial burden they are facing, we have set up several ways you can do that. The most direct way is by check or money order, since there are no processing fees for that. Many will prefer using a credit card, and we have that covered also.

If you wish to give anonymously, use the GiveSendGo link. There you will see a “Hide my name from public view” checkbox. You can then enter whatever you like for the “Show donation as” field. GiveSendGo will, of course, have your information, but that is not accessible to anyone else.