The Road Ahead

Lydia began the long process of chemotherapy just four days after she was admitted – a process that will last for two years, with weekly hospital treatments for the first six months. The steroids will cause painful swelling and other side effects. She will lose her long beautiful hair (she was extremely upset when she learned that), and she will not be able to enjoy playing with her friends and family as she did before.

The medical part is pretty much common knowledge. What isn’t is all the other changes and expenses that go along with it.

  • Each of those trips to the hospital in Orlando will put 122 miles on their vehicle, along with the gas.
  • When her dad is taking her to the hospital, that two hours of travel time plus hospital time is time he is unable to work. No work – no income.
  • Lydia’s weakened immune system means major changes in their home, including changes to the air conditioning system, providing a room of her own, a separate air filtration system for the room she is in, and numerous other modifications.