MAY 04

It’s been a little while since an official update. Sorry about that. Between hospital visits and follow ups I’ve had few updates typed out on my phone but nothing put together for the website. I apologize. I’ll try to summarize a short timeline.

April 18th-23rd : hospital stay for a Neutropenic Fever + Rhinovirus + unknown virus. We had an intense few days of waiting for lab results. When Doctors used the words Possible Sepsis , my mind started thinking some very negative thoughts. Thank God all her cultures came back clear and she was able to recover with a few rounds of antibiotics. It’s scary what a common cold can do to a person that is immunocompromised.

April 24th-30th
Lydia spent the next week recovering at home and slowly getting her strength back. We were so thankful she was able to get out of the hospital in time to celebrate her big brother’s 12th Birthday! And speaking of birthdays…RJ and Lydia’s birthday are only 6 days apart. So we just were able to celebrate her 8th birthday. God is so good. She really wanted to go to the Aquarium for her birthday, but her counts are still too low to do that yet, so that is on hold. But we still had a fun day, we have a small indoor inflatable “jumpy castle” we use for VBS and other things and we were able to inflate that and let her be queen of the castle for a day. She had a special breakfast that Richard did an amazing job making for her. And she picked out pizza, veggies, and salad for birthday dinner. Then she finished the day off with brownies and ice cream. It was a very low key day, but we can definitely go to the Aquarium, just at a later time.

April 30th- May 3rd
Lydia started Interim Maintenance 2 (IM2) on April 30th. It’s very similar to Interim Maintenance 1 just more intense. Remember those mouth sore she was hospitalized from in January? Well she’s getting that same Chemo that caused them last time again, but a high dosage. So we very much appreciate your prayers that those would stay away. This phase will last about 41 days and then Lord willing she will be in long term maintenance.

These 6 months have seemed so long and hard but we’ve hopefully gotten through the worst part. This fight has been intense and we don’t know what the future holds but we know the one who holds our hands through it all.

I’m very thankful for all the prayers and cares for Lydia, and all of us. We have been very blessed things have gone relatively smoothly so far. We’ve learned to be thankful even when things look bad.

Here are some pictures from the past month.

Richard’s Beautiful Birthday Butterfly Breakfast


In the hospital again…making the best of it.


Thankful for our little pink wagon. So very helpful for when she feels weak and I’ve got too much to carry.


Lydia absolutely loves Music Therapy


Queen of the castle


Happy 8th Birthday Sweet & Spunky Lydia!!