FEB 13

Lydia finished Interim Maintenance 1! Praise the Lord! She’s been doing so well during treatments. We’ve had a few minor set backs but everything is going well for the most part. We have a small break before the next treatment starts.

Delayed Intensification (DI) starts the end of this month. Lydia was approved by her care team to do a few activities during this reprieve. She got to attend church and a birthday party (the most fun she’s had in months ) the host of the party was so incredibly welcoming and thoughtful about her situation. She got to come party before the party started and participated fun activities before the rest of the party started. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who care and pray for our sweet girl.

We are so thankful for how well she’s doing. We don’t know what the future holds, but we continue to trust the Lord. We are 4 months in and about 20 months to go!

We were also able to get some much needed home repairs done these past few weeks. So Lydia now has a safe space, her own room, where she can be if we need to quarantine from another sick family member, or just to go and have some peace and quiet on days she’s not feeling the greatest. Thank you to grandma and grandpa for letting us stay with you all while that work happened.

Thank you to those who have helped in many other ways especially in prayer. Thank you for all the letters, cards, gifts, and sweet notes. We are so blessed.


Lydia and her Mimi


Lydia having a blast at her friend’s birthday party


Lydia’s first night in her own room


Having a blast at grandma and grandpa’s