FEB 08

Hello all,

Thank you for your prayers during Lydia’s hospital stay at Bible conference time!

Lydia finished her current stage of treatment (Interim maintenance 1) today. That included a higher dose of the medicine that caused the mouth sores that took her to the E.R. last time. Please pray that we can avoid another E.R. stay.

I was under the impression that she went straight into the next phase of treatment (Delayed intensification 1) immediately, but she actually has a bit of a break before she starts that phase. She will lose her hair within two weeks of starting DI1.

Being that I was under the impression she was starting DI1 today, we did rush to get the garage converted into a third bedroom. What we thought was just in time, turns out to be a little early. God is good.

Please continue to pray. I know that life has a tendency to crowd in and push things out, even things that you’d think you’d never forget. We are constantly blessed by those who have told us they pray for us continually. I am sure that it is in no small part thanks to those people that Lydia is doing as well as she is.

Thank you all again, for everything you have meant to our family,

The Jacquets

For those of you who are interested, this is an outline of the tentative post-induction treatment schedule. It was copied and pasted from someone who has the same diagnosis, and must have gotten a much more understandable treatment plan than we got 🙃

Consolidation :  3 weekly Lumbar punctures. Daily oral chemo- 6-MP

interim maintenance 1 :  vincristine/methotrexate via port every ten days. LP on first day.

》Lydia is here《

DI 1:  LP on first day. 3 weeks of doxorubicin and vincristine. Peg on day 4. Last week check counts. Steroids for 7 days on, 7 days off. (Twice)

DI 2: 2 weeks of intense chemo. Cyclophosphamide, LP, Ara-c shots 4 times a week. 6-TG pills for 14 days. Break for two weeks to check counts.

Interim maintenance 2: same as IM1. Methotrexate and vincristine every 10 days. LP on day 1 and day 29?.

Then LTM. Check ups every month… chemo and LP every 3 months.