JAN 20

Sorry for the infrequent posts. There hasn’t been much to update. It’s more of a “no news is good news” sort of thing. That was the case until this past week.

Lydia developed a few mouth sores and we were monitoring and treatment them at home and it turned into Mucositis, her sores got much worse and spread all over her mouth and throat.

We were advised by her team to take her to the ER and get her checked put. What we thought would be a late night ER visit with a check up and discharge with meds ended up being an admission and a 2 night stay in the hospital.

The doctors determined it was not viral, it was a side effect of the chemo. So we’re able to be discharged Friday (19th) with meds at home to keep treating her pain and trying to get the sores to calm down and heal.

Things that are not a big deal for a healthy person can be very serious for a cancer patient. Infections can get bad very quickly, and we are thankful for a great team who is always taking care of her.

Chemo has been every 10 or so days, and we go back Monday to see if they are going to hold her next chemo treatment or if she’s healed enough to continue. If she can continue, she will have another Lumbar Puncture Tuesday, with another dose of chemo.

We are thankful for the quiet slow days and we are thankful for a wonderful Oncology team who is providing such excellent care.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Please pray for

-Her mouth sore to heal and that we will be able to keep them from coming back

-Encouragement. Her hair is already thinning and we are expecting to see hair loss soon

-Strength & Comfort for our family during this difficult time.

God is good & faithful he has provided our needs.

-Sarah J