DEC 15

We had our ER visit since Lydia’s initial diagnosis this past week. The precautionary guidelines are that she goes in when she has a fever of 100.4. Which she did late Sunday evening. They ran tests and she came up positive for the Rhinovirus (common cold) and was discharged several hours later.

We ended up back in the ER again with another fever, which I’m sure was there all along but masked by the Tylenol she was given by the hospital.

So, late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, we went back this time she was also having issues with a stiff neck. This time they wanted to admit her to wait until her fever broke and observe her.

Thankfully, Wednesday afternoon she was fever free and allowed to go home. The neck issue was attributed to a pulled muscle. Thank God.

She still has a cold and cough and she gets to recover the rest of the way from home. We are thankful she didn’t have to stay longer. Although this does for sure make me nervous about future illnesses/ ER visits. But we will cross those bridges when we come to them. We are taking it day by day.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

Fevered and tired


Happy to be back home


CT scan


Happy Siblings with their personalized blankets a sweet friend got them.