NOV 17

We finished the Induction Stage of this journey! The test results from the two procedures she had will tell us what our next step is in this process. We learned from the last lumbar puncture that Lydia needs to lay still longer than the 30 minutes they usually have us stay there. I’m so thankful for the team of providers that are overseeing everything. They listened to our concern about her last spinal headache (that lasted 3 days – so awful to see her bed ridden for days) and gave her fluids and let us stay in the clinic until we felt comfortable enough taking her home.

Now we wait for the results. All of the test results are important, but this one will tell us if she was able to achieve remission and if they can move on with treatment or if she failed induction, then she will be considered high risk and will need to be treated more intensively.

We are also waiting on results from the genetic tests they ran. I will talk about that more depending on the results of their findings.

Thank you for your continued prayers.