OCT 24

Lydia’s final treatment before returning home is scheduled for tomorrow. It is another lumbar puncture, for which she will be sedated. She has a platelet transfusion tonight in preparation for that. Depending on how quickly she recovers, she will be coming home either tomorrow or Thursday.

We had not realized until yesterday that the lumbar punctures are going to be a regular occurrence. They have to make sure the leukemia cells don’t migrate into her spinal fluid. Please pray for peace and comfort for her as she hates being put to sleep… and everybody hates having needles poked in their back.

She is currently battling fairly severe constipation, which is one of the main side effects of two of her medications. It would be bad enough on its own, but this cascades into stomachache, back pain, and vomiting 😞 As weird as it sounds as a specific prayer request, please pray for “regularity.” This will be an ongoing battle.

On the upside, the preliminary indications from her blood work are good. “Blasts” are blood cells prematurely released into the bloodstream before they are fully formed. They are the strongest indication of Leukemia before a biopsy. The level of blasts in her blood have already gone down significantly, indicating that the medicine is working!

This whole ordeal is definitely taking a toll on Lydia, but she is still herself. She has warned all the nurses and techs that “Baby Raccoon” (her favorite stuffed animal) will give them rabies if she doesn’t like them… with a smile, of course!

Thank you again for your continued prayers,
The Jacquets