OCT 20

Having fun with Dad.


Another day down the road…

No chemo today, just the peripheral medications. The most notable of these is a steroid that she will be taking twice a day, for at least the next 6 months. After she took it today, she got super hyper.

Sarah was quite happy when I arrived to relieve her 😆 As soon as I got here, Lydia and I went on a walking tour of EVERYWHERE we are allowed to go in the hospital! It is good that she wants to be active.

The doctors said that her tests are looking good. IF she stays on this track, we will be able to go home on Wednesday. Please pray to that end.

After she is discharged, we are looking at about 6 months of weekly visits to the hospital for chemo. After that, it’s an additional 1.5 years of home treatment, with less frequent trips to the hospital for testing.

Lydia has brightened the day of most of her nurses at this point. She was telling one of the workers about what days we go to church, and how much she loves Sunday school.

With a few notable exceptions, we are the only parents you see on the floor. Children come and go every day to receive treatment and be monitored. Most of them are dropped off and picked up the next day. Obviously there are people whose situations leave them no choice. It is just very sad to see how little we, as an “enlightened society”, value what is important in life.