OCT 14

A visit from her brother.


Thank you for your prayers for Lydia so far.

We made the decision to take Lydia to Arnold Palmer hospital based on the results of her blood tests interpreted by many helpful folks we have been in touch with.

To put it bluntly, things aren’t looking good. Without going into detail about test results, there are very few possible outcomes that are not Leukemia at this point.

She will be in the hospital until at least Monday, when they will be able to complete the required tests to confirm a diagnosis. If those tests say she can go home, we will.

That is all we know at this point.

Thank you all for the blessing you have been to us. We covet your prayers to get us through this difficult time.

If you would like something specific to pray for, there is an outside chance that she has some form of anemia or just a nasty viral infection. One of those options would be ideal.